Thursday, June 23, 2011

process 06.26.2011

process 06.26.2011

process 06.26.2011

metro north 06.26.2011

back and forth with Alicia Renadette 06.28.2011


The process pictures above are of "All the Trappings: (s)wallow". The structure is being installed in the Maxon Mills building as part of The Wassaic Project's summer 2011 festival.

(more info to come next week)



1. to roll or lie in water, snow, mud, dust, the like, as for refreshment.
to live self-indulgently; luxuriate; revel; to wallow in luxury; to wallow in sentimentality
3. to flounder about; move along or proceed clumsily or with difficulty

2. take in so as to envelope; withdraw from sight; assimilate or absorb

3. to accept without question or suspicion.

(definitions from


The shy homebody can construct.

I eat my eyelashes.


The Interrupters
2011 documentary
I hope to get to see this.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

06.04.2011 summer time

06.03.2011 compute problem

06.04.2011 hollyhocks


canal 06.04.2011

I can't hear you

winders 05.25.2011

morning outside 05.25.2011



web cave 05.24.2011


I hit a dog with my bike yesterday morning.
The dog is okay, he is a large dog.
I smelled like him all day at work.
05.28.2011 Arts All-State (see below)

06.05.2011 back and forth with Alicia Renadette comes back

06.05.2011 back and forth with Alicia Renadette comes back

06.05.2011 back and forth with Alicia Renadette comes back

06.04.2011 stack task

06.04.2011 old rubber mill/cottage street studios

05.20.2011 for Adam

05.20.2011 in progress re-working "Shut Up Spacemaker, You Talk Too Much" video portal


Two weekends ago I participated as an artist mentor in the Massachusetts' Arts All-State held at the Worcester Art Museum. This is my third time. It is an interesting experience that every time it is so different. My mentor partner this year was David Shapleigh.

Arts All-State is a 36 hour intensive program where a pair of artist mentors work with a group of 18 juniors in high school (they don't know each other ahead of time and come from all over Massachusetts) to create a large scale installation. Each group is given a studio space and only three materials to work with (two of the materials are chosen ahead of time by the artist mentors and one material is a surprise).

Here is a great blog put together by Kristi Oliver the current chairperson of Massachusetts' Arts All-State at the Worcester Art Museum. Kristi documented each of the studios and uploaded pictures on the blog. The studio I worked with is number 202.