Thursday, December 27, 2012

12.23.2012 new windows coming (and now came) to 1 Cottage St.

12.24.2012 Christmas MA style




I say yes to the snow thanks and thanks



hee hee hee.

2013 let it begin,

(well when it begins).



Kate Casanova on MN Original

North Omaha Tool Library


Article by Andy Sturdevant on Mary Rothlisberger's God Bless the USPS

Saturday, December 22, 2012

 12.18.2012 gdc and mt. tom

 12.20.2012 Jess and her bread house (I ate all the doors and windows)

 12.20.2012 long johns done and done

 12.22.2012 dream house

12.22.2012 eye in the sky


Pity party fuck-up style.


ghost time

I got on and then got off of Facebook again.  I don't understand how it can make me feel so lonely.
I got on to get some pictures.   I want it to be a tool but I can't control myself.

I need you in real time.  I am not equipped for this.

(last line edited out from this spot 12.26.2012, too hasty not well planned)



I feel like a ghost lately.  I am not really around.

I cry at the drop of a hat.  And I gag so easily.


I am so very sorry about your loved ones.
I am still thinking positive thoughts for you.

Monday, December 17, 2012

 12.06.2012 Thursday mornings

 12.04.2012 gift

12.14.2012 another niece neck-warmer


12.11.2012 arch

12.12.2012 babies are born



My friend Megan and I went riding around looking at lights.


12.13.2012 santa (collaboration with David)


dolly's shadow worker


please think positive thoughts

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

 All the Trappings (sketch #9)

 All the Trappings (sketch #8)

 All the Trappings (sketch #1)

These three shadowboxes will be in the 4th Annual ECA+ Small Works Show.






 11.30.2012 hometown holiday stroll

11.30.2012 holiday stroll


 12.01.2012 trying things out

12.02.2012 dome

 12.02.2012 domes


11.30.2012 interior view of window installation at Feeding Tube Record
                   (rare backside view of a watcher)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

 11.22.2012 new hampshire

 11.23.2012 vermont

 11.27.2012 massachusetts

 11.21.2012 etching (ready to edition)

 11.27.2012 niece neckwarmer (knitting storm)

 11.28.2012 Elizabeth

 11.25.2012 long johns in progress (for Josh)

 11.24.2012 Hitchcock Center

 11.24.2012 Simeon Strong House


11.23.2012 dream house

If I lived here I would have a cat and a goose and we would walk around the neighborhood and feed the snapping turtles vienna fingers because we wouldn't know any better.


I was in the midst of writing a post last week and my computer died.  So I don't have the pictures that I wanted to put on here from then.  There was a good one of the roofers working on a house down the street.

About the hard drive, the man at the service center said he had never heard a hard drive make a noise before like the one mine was making.


Some of "the chorus" will be at GOLDMINE, a pop up store organized by Anna Slezak and Ashley Brown Durand.  The shop will be open December 5th - 9th, 11am - 7pm.  It will be located in the Whoo Space, 11 Market St. Northampton, MA 01060.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

11.15.2012 collaboration with David (come see our show Monday night, please!)

 11.10.2011 bread shirt appeared on our porch (made by Jess)

 11.10.2012 C.C. mountain man

 11.11.2012 Mt.Tom

11.14.2012 etching image 12" x 12" (on the fence about this one)

 11.14.2012 learning multi plate printing (drypoint, hardground, mezzotint)


 always 2012 The Brood


Looking at:

Santa Sangre (1989)  
Crime Wave  (1985) 


On Monday night I went to see Rachel B. Glaser's NBA Art Show at the Rendezvous in Turner's Falls.  My favorite is two players in bunk beds in pajama's with their teams logos all over.  Most of the paintings are created digitally which I really like.  There are lifesize players, portraits and situations.  If you are in Turner's go see please.


Walking home today I came across two dead mice. 
The first one was dead and in the middle of the sidewalk, I moved it to the grass, that was that.
Five yards away there was the second one.  It was in the middle of my neighbors walkway in a mound of goldfish crackers.  I didn't touch it.  It seemed on purpose.

I wanted to take a picture to help remember it but I don't take pictures of dead animals anymore.  The last two times I did I was hit by a car on my bike and the foundry I was taking a class in burned to the ground.  The world does not revolve around my actions but sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry.


night ride