Monday, September 24, 2012


 09.24.2012 Mothers News - mug designed by Noise Nomad

 09.16.2012 tent in progress

 09.16.2012 tent installed at the Victory Theatre



 09.20.2012 filming "If you need me I will be over here"


Thank you to everyone who came out Friday night to the Victory Theatre!


So Good.......

Christine Stormberg

1 Million Forever

Maya Malachowski Bajak



Look at your feet 
This funny world Full of insane small creatures 
And listen to this buzzing chord Who keenly spreads such strange murmurs 
The sound's buzzing, swarming Sliding beetles, snails, and ladybirds 
On swarming grubs 
On sliding ants 
Open your eyes before you die 
Sit on the grass 
Observe and paint The toad, the wasp, the dragonfly 
The sound's buzzing, swarming Sliding beetles, snails, and ladybirds

-Bruno Coulais


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 days to go.

Please come if you can:

Kari Gatzke
Joshua Vrysen
Chris Willingham


 09.09.2012 spoils

09.09.2012 sizing up the dressing circle

 09.08.2012 printing tent fabric

09.09.2012 tent fabric

Sunday Joshua and I spent two hours searching for trash under the chairs in the dressing circle (balcony) area of the Victory Theatre.   When the theater closed I guess they didn't clean under the seats after the last movie screening, lucky for us.  We found cigarette butts, candy wrappers, ice cream cup lids and wooden paddle spoons, straws, patterned paper cups, a beer can, a beer bottle, bottle caps, popcorn cups, a Jimmy Fund cup, a nail polish bottle, and a perfume bottle.  Everything was a little bit damp and fragile.  It was neat to see the older packaging designs of familiar candies.  We found it funny that certain seats seemed to have sat chain smokers due to the piles of butts we would find under them.  It was the 70's and you could smoke and watch a movie and put you butt out on the floor.  

Think of the mouths and sticky hands.

We also have been screen printing fabric for the installation we are working on.  It had been a bit stressful because neither of us really knew what we were doing.  We consulted nice people (Meghan Minior, Jess) who know what they are doing and we figured it out.  The patterns we decided on for the fabric are based off of architectural elements and decorations in the building.  The gold layer is taken from a photo of the paint peeling off of the wall in the balcony.   The teal layer is patterns from decorations in the building, floor pattern, and the manager's telephone door.  The salmon layer is based on the arches that flank the stage, the floral patterned fabric found throughout the building, and painted decorations above the stage and second floor foyer.

Temporary structure.

More to come as we progress.


09.09.2012 net

I am also working on a new installation "If You Need Me I Will Be Over Here"  It will be up in the Easthampton City Arts Gallery for the month of October.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

09.04.2012 getting into it

08.22.2012 thank you so much

08.25.2012 Emily Bancroft's State Quilt

08.25.2012 Cummington Fair


09.01.2012 greenpoint


09.02.2012 good sleeping



waste not want not

haste makes waste


Happy Birthday Mary, I am glad you were born.