Friday, August 14, 2009

"untitled (I want to come home)"

"untitled (I want you to come home)"

These are images of the work I have up right now at the APE Window space in Northampton, MA as part of the group show "Release the River!" I will be posting images on my flickr page of details of these two pieces as well as some images of the other work in the show (I have to ask first).

These two pieces are a back and forth between each other. They are separate in the space but I built them together and feel like they are talking to each other. One about waiting for and one about being away and wanting to get back.

The bottom piece called "untitled (I want you to come home)" is a stool that has a stuffed being on top of it then wrapped up in plastic table cloth. The stool is seeping and has grown a rope that is reaching over to the "cake". It is presenting a present.

The top three images are of "untitled (I want to come home)" with "Busy Hands, Busy Mouth". "Busy Hands, Busy Mouth" is the mound of chorus members (creatures) huddled around a portal (video monitor). "untitled (I want to come home" is the tent structure with the panorama inside and relic/treasure on top of the cushion inside.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Neil Young

Joshua Vrysen

Fafnir Adamites

Angela Zammarelli

Sunday I went to the MacDowell Colony Medal Day that honored Kiki Smith.

Kiki Smith's acceptance speech was short and sweet. She mentioned having to sleep in many different beds all over the country and how she was thinking about how maybe we are a utopic culture of always traveling around. She put it better than that. I was thinking this is a nice way of looking at it. This made me think of my friend and artist Molly Roth and her idea that we are a culture full of homesickness. Both of these ideas are interesting ways of looking at us and our mobility.

Here is a link to the MacDowell Colony website:

Here is a link to Molly Roth's website:

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hello. I am in a very nice show this month called RELEASE THE RIVER! If you are in the Northampton area during the month of August please stop by. If you are not around I will post pictures on my flickr page here
I have posted the show information below.

artist people:

Dan Cashman
Jess Goddard
Jeff Hartford
George Myers
Bill Nace
Lauren Pakradooni
Crystal Regan
Phinehas Roy
Joshua Vrysen
Angela Zammarelli

Curated by Raphael Griswold

APE Gallery at Window
126 Main St.
Northampton, MA 01060

Opening Reception:----------------------------------------August 7, 5-8 and on!
IN BOUNDS Artists’ Book Fair:-----------------------------August 28, 5 ‘ti forever!
Performances:-------------------------------------------------TBA =

Open Tuesday through Sunday, 12-5
Friday 12-8,
Saturday 12-6 and on!

For information and updates, visit and

Words from the curator Raphy Griswold:

The Gods of Sight and Sound, dripping with the blood and tears of Kunstwollen, have crawled from the Great River of New England to bring us this summer’s most awesome audiovisual onslaught. Liquid Swords, fabric demons, and the garden of earthly delights converge in this heavenly flood. RELEASE THE RIVER! showcases the art of emerging Northampton artists, all masters of the pen and the amplifier. Forsaking the photocopier, this group of draftsmen, painters, printmakers, sculptors, and
musicians has exploded into the APE Gallery this August in a three-element show curated by Raphael Griswold. Exhibition cum performance space, the APE will host a month-long visual art installation accompanied by a series of musical events, performances, and an artists’ book fair.

Lauren Pakradooni brings us recent drawings and prints from the realm of wigs and fungus. With pizza box sketchbooks Dan Cashman, Jess Goddard, Jeff Hartford, George Myers, Bill Nace, Crystal Regan, Phinehas Roy, and Joshua Vrysen have constructed the world’s first secret drawing megawall. Each of these heartyvoyagers was assigned an identical hand-bound notebook in which to expunge the deepest depths of their artistic ouvre. The recombinant product is one giant mass of individual pages. Sculptor and fiber worker, Angela Zammarelli is the fabric that holds it all together.

Three rivulets, one river. Break the dam! RELEASE THE RIVER!

Catalogs available soon from THE PRESS, a subsidiary of GRISWORLD INDUSTRIES

•Supported by Grisworld Industries, the Northampton Arts Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council•