Wednesday, December 29, 2010



stamps 12.20.2010

I am in the midst of preparing for a three day performative installation at Mobius in Boston, MA.

All the Trappings: Ask Me About It Later
Fri Jan 14, 2011 - Sun Jan 16, 2011
725 Harrison Avenue, Suite One
Boston MA 02118

The space will be open form 10am - 10pm and I planning on staying in the gallery overnight.


The characters are separate from me. They are formed from a variety of parameters. Many of them are from histories in spaces that are not my own combined with characteristics found in myself magnified. They are living in a space separate from that which I live everyday. I have been saying this for about a year; their function and formation are shifting, maybe becoming less fantastical and more pathetic.

The character involved in "All the Trappings" is insulating itself with images of stuff and consuming frozen french fries. I guess I will use the pronoun she, she will have a pal with her that is a doll that will be a similar size to herself. The "ask me about it later" part of the title comes from this place of my not completely understanding this character but feeling really compelled to share her before she is formed. I started to work with her in Omaha. She is not involved with the world the other characters inhabit but I would say she is related.



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flume 12.14.2010 (see below)

Raid 12.14.2010 (see below)

Faux Pooh 12.14.2010 (see below)



I was in Providence, RI on Sunday and came across a documentary by David Bettencourt called You Must Be This Tall: The Story of Rocky Point Park. I had gone to Rocky Point Park as a child and my dad use to go all the time when he was a kid. The park was located in Warwick, RI and closed in 1996. The film interviewed local historians, former park employees, and people that had enjoyed the park. There was a mix of contemporary footage of the park in shambles and historical pictures and film.

While watching and listening to the interviews I kept feeling like my brain was trying to access a place that it couldn't seem to find. Maybe that doesn't make much sense but it is a feeling I get often when I think about places that at one time had a prominent and specific function and then decay and finally get torn down. Is this nostalgia? It is not always with happy places or times. I think there is a worry about forgetting things for better or worse. Histories that had happened, the space that it happened in. Is this backwards?


I saw two lambs sing with a saw on Monday night.
Music Tapes holiday extravaganza Lullabies at Bedsides tour in Amherst.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Video Still 2010

Water 12.05.2010

At Work 12.02.2010

At Work 12.02.2010 (Zimmermann's nether garments)

Video Still 2010

Mandrake 12.03.2010

"Angels and Devils" curated by Jane Lund opens this Friday, December 10, 2010. The show is at the Northampton Center for the Arts and is up until December 31. The opening this Friday is from 5-7pm. Mandrake is in the show.

The Northampton Center for the Arts is located at 17 New South Street, Northampton, MA 01060


I'll come running to tie your shoe (Brian Eno)
Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno


I am having trouble describing collaboration in a collaborative interview I am suppose to be participating in.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11.28.2010 prepping for open studios (see below)

Bonnie's back side (front side found here)


studio 11.23.2010
MoMA 11.18.2010

Joshua Vrysen and I will be participating in our studio building's winter open studios. The building will be open for visitors Friday noon - 5pm, Saturday 9 am - 5pm, and Sunday noon - 5pm. Cottage Street Studios are located at 1 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA 01027. The list of participating studios can be found here. We are studio 3-32.

Also we will be participating in Gallery 51's "99 Cents and Up: Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction", which opens this Thursday. Gallery 51 is located at 51 Main Street, North Adams, MA 01247


"Can the world work without any secrets?"

Is Julian a trickster? or is he too clever?


Passive House
Passive Energy

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here I Am 11.13.2010 (cottage street)


cross it .... or don't (I didn't) 11.14.2010

ornament making 11.15.2010


Ask me again later

frozen french fries
toaster oven


If you are in Minneapolis this weekend MCAD will be holding the annual Art Sale (it starts tomorrow). I have some work that will be up for sale and there are lots and lots of other art pieces by artists that go and have gone to MCAD. The walls of the first and second floor are packed with photos, paintings, drawings, sculptures, and so much. It is a sight to be seen.


A very nice little snippet about my "All The Trappings" sketches was posted on the blog Brown Paper Bag on November 4th.


I am going to NYC tomorrow for a reunion/25 year celebration of the UMASS Amherst program NYPOP. The program director/professor is Jerry Kearns. I really liked the class because we got to visit with artists in their studios. They talked about their work, process, and the realities of being a working artist.

I am a little nervous. (bah, your always nervous)


Joshua and I are getting ready for open studios at our studio building the first weekend in December. He just finished Wheel of Doom/We Love Doom #0. I will post pictures soon.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Library secret stuff 10. 26. 2010

Happy Halloweeneeeee 10.29.2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All The Trappings (Sketch #4) 10.17.2010

Here I Am 10.20.2010

Quarry 10.16.2010

I had this dream last week where I was sitting at a table with 5 other people, I can't tell or I don't remember who they are. A crow is sitting in the middle of the table and starts to come towards me. It is getting ready to peck my face off. A hawk swoops down from over the shoulder of the person sitting across from me, body checks the crow away from my face and then brushes its beak against my cheek which I interpreted as a kiss. I woke up thinking it had happened because I had felt the hawks beak against my cheek.


I have been making little shadow boxes from the wooden packaging that my former boss Djerba had given to me this summer. I have decided to call them sketches under the body of work "All the Trappings". The image at the top of this post is sketch #4. If you would like to see more of them I have posted them here. The boxes use to house dolls. I like to think about the boxes as rooms between rooms in a building. A doll house?


I have been going through the archives of This American Life again while at work. Yesterday I listened show #146 Urban Nature from 1999. I got particularly excited over David Rakoff's piece.

Act One. Interpretation Of

Building everything that comprises modern life—constructing cities and suburbs both—means trampling nature. And that bothers some people. They want to keep nature at hand, even in the city. David Rakoff visited Reykjavik, Iceland, where the government is careful not to disturb certain boulders when it builds roads because some people believe that invisible "hidden people"—like elves—live at those sites. (17 minutes)

The part of the piece I have been thinking about when Rakoff talks about the
urban Reykjaviks' belief or wanting to believe in the stories of the "hidden

the yearning quality of the stories. These tales are the vestiges of a
pre-urban time. Urbanization is intrinsically a violent process. It elicits a terrified nostalgia and possibly guilt. We hold fast to what we feel we are destroying.


Icelandic Elf School


House Elf
Turtle Rodeo

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

crooked top be gone 10.07.2010

too much 10.13.2010

no way 08.24.2010


webs 10.11.2010


"He had a blanket and I had some fruit."


trappings of permanence


Currently I work in the shipping department of a very large yarn store. Yesterday while I was filling an order for a Rita Peters I found it had a mistake. In order to fix it I had to go out into the store section, I rarely do this. In the store at this time happened to be my aunt's best friend and her husband, Rita and Peter. I haven't seen them in years. They don't live out here but Rita is an amazing knitter and they were traveling through the area so they made a stop.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Autumn Babies (for Bella) 09.21.2010




I made the large stuffed being in the top picture for my niece's 3rd birthday. She was unsure of it, but my brother said that now she sleeps with it.


I want to write you something that will be of use for you. (yuck, yuck, yuck)........ but it is true.


resources - n. 1. a source of supply, support, or aid, esp. one that can be readily drawn upon
needed. ('s first definition)


The Connecticut River was so low and now it is high... spilling over in some spots. The summer was dry here this year, now we are starting to get rain.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Massachusetts to the Atlantic 08.26.2010

White Mountains 09.11.2010

144 sparklers for $7.50 no tax 09.11.2010


I started a new job 3 weeks ago packing yarn for america's yarn store and shipping it to you (maybe, if you knit, I shouldn't assume.) I think I am allergic to the alpacas I have been sneezing a lot.

Sunday, August 29, 2010



All the Trappings (I am a pretty thing)

I am in this months install of Be Your Own Placebo curated by Jamie Lee Mohr.

This months Artists:
Doug Anson,
Chiara Giovando
Peter Glantz
Emily Shinada
Kianja Strobert
Sasha Wiseman
Angela Zammarelli

Be Your Own Placebo
28 Holden Street
North Adams MA
Gallery Hours: Wednesdays-Fridays 12-6pm, Saturdays 10am-6pm, Sundays 10am-2pm

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fat Worm of Error Presents Music for 17 Arthur Ganson Machines
(I have a drawing of the Machine with Fabric on the inside j card along with 16 other artists/friends!) Fat Worm is on tour, maybe they are near you right now.


Herb Mixing 08.11.2010

Teeth Flossing 08.12.2010


Foo Fest 2010 08.14.2010
As220 Providence, RI

Untitled (We Could Live Here)
mixed herbs, mixed floral textiles, cardboard, wood, bedding, bean bag chair


For a festive festival I thought I would make a festive chair.

When you sit in the chair the bundle hanging overhead is stuffed with lavender, cloves, mint, raspberry leaves, and rose petals. I was hoping to make a soft soothing tactile and olfactory experience juxtaposed with a more active visual experience.


A trap? Come and sit and talk to me.
I don't really know how to start a conversation smoothly.

Yes, I try to work hard for us, I am so glad you noticed. You can stay as long as you like but remember you need to share.

When you leave you leave a little bits of yourself on the chair, thank you.