Monday, June 09, 2008

The last tap dance class before the floors get redone at the Lichtenstein Center happened tonight. It sounded great.

I held down the fort today, and did a pretty decent job. Marla and Megan are having a nice time at the NEA conference in Minneapolis. They ate at Nye's. Megan had lunch with Ann Hamilton. Yup Ann Hamilton.

Tomorrow all the furniture goes upstairs and our floors will get redone.

There was a planning meeting tonight for the Pittsfield Ethnic Fair. It went well, it was very concise.

My friend Jazu came in at the end of the day to tell me about a informal critique he and some people are having at his house the last Wednesday of the month. I'm looking forward to it. We went to Umass together in the sculpture department, it will be nice to see what he is working on now and see what other artists in Pittsfield are doing and actually be able to discuss it in depth as opposed to seeing it in a gallery. I like seeing work in progress.

good night

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