Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Did I tell you I had my bottom wisdom teeth removed two weeks ago, well I did. They were big ones too. I stayed awake for it, which wasn't bad at all. Now I have holes in the back of my mouth that I have to clean out after I eat.

I am working at Reprodepot (http://reprodepot.com/index.html) and Valley Fabrics (http://www.valleyfabrics.com/). They are both fabric stores here in western Mass. Reprodepot is an online and Valley Fabrics is a little quilt shop.

I have started quilting, it is pretty nice. Joshua and I designed a quilt top together and sewed it all by hand and now we are going to hand quilt the batting and backing to it. The next quilt I am making for my niece I am going to sew the top with a machine and hand quilt.

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