Monday, January 12, 2009

Fixtures & Foibles
Line Bruntse has work at the Stone Soup Gallery. The show is up until March 8, 2009. If you happen to be in the Western Mass area I highly recommend checking it out.

Pictured above are Bruntse's "Orphans". In the gallery the Orphans are lined up against a wall on the floor. Across from them in the center of the room, raised on low cement pedestals are the Orphans separated shadows. The fleshy Orphans are made of pink leather and are adorned with embroidery. The nubby little ones command a fair amount of space when you see them in person.

Stone Soup Gallery
221 Pine St. (Arts and Industry Building)
Suite 165
Florence, MA 01062

Line's website:

Stone Soup Gallery website:

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