Tuesday, February 24, 2009

These images come from the site Laff in the Dark (http://www.laffinthedark.com/articles/mp/mountainpark.htm)

The artist who did these paintings was Dominic Spadola. He created the aesthetics of the fun houses at the former New England amusement parks Mountain Park (Mt. Tom, Holyoke, MA), Lincoln Park (North Dartmouth, MA), Rocky Point(Warwick, RI), and Whalom Park (Lunenburg, MA). I am trying to find out more about him. When I was a kid my favorite part of Whalom park was the fun house.

It is crazy looking at these web sites and reading about the parks' histories, looking at pictures, and reading how strongly people feel about theses places. It fills me with a deep sense of longing for some reason. I think it has something to do with how festive and bizarre these parks were. I went to Rocky Point and Whalom Park as a kid and believed they were places, even though they were a bit dated, would not close because they were amusement parks.

Mountain, and Whalom Park started as trolley Parks. This kind of a picnic/recreation park that was located along or at the end of the trolley line. These parks were the precursor to amusement parks.

the jingle from Whalom Park ads on tv

If fun and excitement are waiting for you,
Then Whalom Park is the place for you!
Lots of rides and loads of fun,
Whalom Park for ev-ery-one!
Fun and excitement,
A place to unwind,
Whalom Paaaark...for a whale of a time!
Whalom Park, you'll have a good time

here are some links to articles and pictures about these parks

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Mountain Park on Mt. Tom:

Rocky Point:

Whalom Park:

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