Thursday, July 09, 2009

This Friday July 10th at 6pm I am the guest speaker for Smith College Art Museum's "Artists on Art" night. It is an informal talk on a piece in the museum that the guest finds interesting.

The piece that I am going to talk about is "Reliquary with Judgement of Solomon" (pictured above). It is a very small box. The enamel work is lovely. When I see it I think about what could be inside. I know that it is probably empty but I think about bones, hair, teeth, clothing, all sorts of relics that might be inside of someone who did something miraculous.

I wrote a post last year about how I think being raised catholic has had a huge influence on my aesthetic choices and how I create work. The theatrics, the magical objects, and rituals.

This image is from an article on how Smith College Museum of Art acquires new pieces of art for the museum.

The article can be found here

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