Saturday, December 19, 2009

photo credit: Joshua Vrysen

cosmic craft crap

sometimes when I feel like punching myself in the face I put this nice bag on

Myself and my relationship to my work;
joy (back and forth)
anxiety, accumulate material, accumulate motion
willingness to fail.

Please come over sometime. We can eat something crunchy and go for a walk and look and find. I want you to see it and I want for you, if nothing else, to appreciate. I know that is a grand desire.

Welcome hands this is how this feels, and for right now you can put that there and that there and that there.

Two exhibition catalogs I found yesterday that I am excited about:
Beyond Desire (2005)
Beyond Green toward a sustainable art (2005)

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Kelley said...

i <3 you. i've really been feeling my relationship to my art lately too--encompassing ecstatic moments and painful depths of angst and fear. it's so very winter, i'm so very holed up, and i so very miss your face around here. i'm working on a's overwhelming! xo