Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flume 12.14.2010 (see below)

Raid 12.14.2010 (see below)

Faux Pooh 12.14.2010 (see below)



I was in Providence, RI on Sunday and came across a documentary by David Bettencourt called You Must Be This Tall: The Story of Rocky Point Park. I had gone to Rocky Point Park as a child and my dad use to go all the time when he was a kid. The park was located in Warwick, RI and closed in 1996. The film interviewed local historians, former park employees, and people that had enjoyed the park. There was a mix of contemporary footage of the park in shambles and historical pictures and film.

While watching and listening to the interviews I kept feeling like my brain was trying to access a place that it couldn't seem to find. Maybe that doesn't make much sense but it is a feeling I get often when I think about places that at one time had a prominent and specific function and then decay and finally get torn down. Is this nostalgia? It is not always with happy places or times. I think there is a worry about forgetting things for better or worse. Histories that had happened, the space that it happened in. Is this backwards?


I saw two lambs sing with a saw on Monday night.
Music Tapes holiday extravaganza Lullabies at Bedsides tour in Amherst.

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