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romance 02.07.2011 (Ben Hersey)

romance 02.07.2011 (Ben Hersey)

spying 02.05.2011



beard 02.04.2011


Last week on Tuesday I was notified by telephone that I am one of the 2011 Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship recipients in sculpture/installation. Here you can find a list of fellows and finalists and images of their work. I am very thankful and excited. Thank you.


A note on the images "romance 02.07.2011 (Ben Hersey)"

The man at the table is Ben Hersey. He is one of my very favorite artists. The images noted are from a performance he did last Monday night. I am in the midst of trying to write him a letter about his food consumption during performances.

A Love Story in Peelings as presented in the online journal Requited


Tonight Love is a Stranger opens at the Flywheel in Easthampton, MA
Gallery opening and reception with the artists from 5:00 - 8:00pm

The show is curated by Samantha Pirnak who describes it as a "Multi-media Group exhibit exploring the theme of Love, from ecstasy to neurosis, elation to grief, familial, romantic, mystical."

Featuring the work of
Maggie Nowinski
Angela Zammarelli
Josh Burkett
Erin Newman-Long
Tony Pasquallara (Crystalline Roses)
Janice Young
Luke Cavagnac
Ted Lee
Allison Ginsberg
Remy Zbel
Chris Dooley
Sita Magnumson

Event is free and open to the public. Post-reception show in the ballroom to follow at 8:00pm (admission $7.00, with $2.00 off admission if you bring something sweet to share). Show includes video screenings from award-winning filmmakers, an Instant Cinema performance from New York City-based Naval Cassady, poetry of Lea Banks (All of Me, Booksmyth Press 2008), and musical performances by Crystalline Roses, Satan's Answering Machine, Timecard, and others.


I am currently in an online show at Gallery Gray called Precarious Worlds. The show was organized by Tim Abel and includes images of his work, my work, and Melissa Wagner-Lawler's work.

Exhibition Statement:

With just one hand held up high
I can blot you out, /Out of sight.
Peek-a-boo, little earth.

—from Hello Earth, by Kate Bush

The world is chaotic and slippery: the solid ground beneath our feet is not solid but moving; the body standing on this ground is problematic; and the fact or fiction of this moment can and does blur in recall and in the invention of a new story. As artists, we make the concession that our attempts at creating order are fallible, but keep going anyway. To paraphrase Proust: an unfailing world doesn’t yield incentive for fruitful investigations. This moment of unbalance is good; each of us uses this uncertainty as motivation to study and create worlds of our own. These worlds act as substitutions, stand-ins or places to find temporary order.

Our artworks also share an interest in saturation: a tendency towards decoration through pattern, layers of color, information and fragmentation, whether it be work that is printmaking or paper-based or performative in nature. Melissa Wagner-Lawler works with printmaking and gouache and at times includes embroidered text and cutouts. Angela Zammarelli uses fabric, cardboard, and herself to make sculptural objects and installations. In my work I use printmaking, papermaking, drawing, and sewing to make small size works to large-scale paper based installations.

Enjoy the show.
—Tim Abel