Wednesday, November 28, 2012

 11.22.2012 new hampshire

 11.23.2012 vermont

 11.27.2012 massachusetts

 11.21.2012 etching (ready to edition)

 11.27.2012 niece neckwarmer (knitting storm)

 11.28.2012 Elizabeth

 11.25.2012 long johns in progress (for Josh)

 11.24.2012 Hitchcock Center

 11.24.2012 Simeon Strong House


11.23.2012 dream house

If I lived here I would have a cat and a goose and we would walk around the neighborhood and feed the snapping turtles vienna fingers because we wouldn't know any better.


I was in the midst of writing a post last week and my computer died.  So I don't have the pictures that I wanted to put on here from then.  There was a good one of the roofers working on a house down the street.

About the hard drive, the man at the service center said he had never heard a hard drive make a noise before like the one mine was making.


Some of "the chorus" will be at GOLDMINE, a pop up store organized by Anna Slezak and Ashley Brown Durand.  The shop will be open December 5th - 9th, 11am - 7pm.  It will be located in the Whoo Space, 11 Market St. Northampton, MA 01060.  

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