Tuesday, February 12, 2013

02.07.2013 bird AZ/DC 




02.10.2013 o.u.r.a.q.t.

 02.10.2013 put your face in it


 02.11.2013 Peter Pan on Pleasant


02.12.2013 obsession

I want to kick these clumps off of cars when I see them, but I don't because maybe it is not okay to kick another persons car.  Ooh but this would have been a good one, a little crisp and a lot of squish.


I always mean to take notes during the State of the Union address, some years I do and some years I don't.  I am susceptible to pomp and circumstance and need to check myself.


I keep meaning to write this-  A most wonderful Joe is on this season of Project Runway.  I have a pair of his cloud leggings (my favorite piece of clothing).   You into cats?  Cheer him on!

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