Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Everything I ever needed to know about aesthetics I learned in catholic mass. Well maybe not completely true but partially true none the less. I am at my grandma and parents' home. My grandma watches mass on the catholic cable channel all the mornings she doesn't physically go to church. This morning I sat down at the table with her while she was watching. I haven't seen mass on tv in years and I haven't been to mass in even longer. Seeing it on tv in all its golden glory I can see why I do what I do. I have had this conversation before, stating that my materialistic behavior in my art is based in my little old catholic self's love of relics and statues and pilgrimages. I still am in love the idea of these things. The rituals and the objects and the stained glass and saints and well .... magic, theatre, costumes, transformation, the body and junk.

I was watching the priest clean the chalice out, then fold the fabrics that go on top and then the alter boys came and took it all away, the whole time the priest said words. I was once told that my hands were too busy in a video I did. And watching the priest folding and placing and putting I thought of the video and how that character was doing a similar thing. It may look busy but it is intentional and needs to be done "right" in order for the magic to work.


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