Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hmm. I have moved. I am feeling a little more settled. I have lovely housemates (it is good to live with people again). I am framing pictures in New England. How romantic, no? No, I kid. It is the start of fall and the foliage is starting.

Today a little lady/baby came into the world named Isabella. Maybe many an Isabella came into this realm today but this particular one I am talking about sprang from my brother and sister-inlaw (Nick and Naomi). It is very exciting. I am going to meet her on Sunday. Today also happens to be the birthday of three other really special people to me, this I take as a good sign for her.

Happy Birthday emmett, Laura, and Joshua!

Two nights ago I went to see Jessica Stockholder speak at Mt. Holyoke College. I remember leaving feeling really interested in art, which I have to say was nice because many times after going to lectures I want to crawl into a hole and sleep and pretend that I am not involved with art. I wish I had written stuff down that night because now I don't have the words to describe what is going on in my brain in response to the lecture. Grrr, if only I was good at keeping up with this writing business (it is my weakness). Watch the pbs art21 with her talking about her work. I felt like the lecture was similar to this except that the information she was sharing seemed tailored to an educating lecture as opposed to an interview.

One particular part of the lecture that stuck out in my head was when she talked about not being an artist for a little while after grad school and how this let her make whatever she wanted. She worked and puttered.

Here are some links to her work:

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