Saturday, April 26, 2008


Let's get out blankets and hang out on the couch and pretend that it isn't off-gassing us to death. I will be a raw nerve and what will you be? I love green lush hill and subways, what do you want in our landscape?

I have been told about Lacan and the "Real", the time before the mirror stage. I have been told my work is this "Real" fighting back into this place/art/space. hands are busy, feet are busy, mouth is busy, intestine gurleing, mind a-flutter.

The works are all different but interconnect and always have the ability to shift and change. Sometimes there are heavy narratives and distinct names, sometimes the work wants to work through itself and just be let alone and say its own things. They all wouldn't mind being looked at, especially when they are becoming what it is they will be for a while.

love, angela

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