Friday, April 18, 2008

Play and transformation engaged specifically in a domestic setting. The idea of home as microcosm and microcosms found within. Rhyzomic growth and tangled mess. Moving into information. Moving through information. To cut and move, dismantle and destroy in order to rebuild and destroy and rebuild again. A shape-shifting wiggly mess. Lonesome and quiet and slobbering and touchy.

Who are the strangers in my home and why am I working with them. Why do I ask you to indulge me? Please watch them. Please watch me. Please watch us. I sometimes look at them and don’t remember where we met, under the sink perhaps or maybe outside my neighbor’s door. More likely in a pile of mashed potatoes or the hair in the bathtub.

I heard on NPR that bananas, as most of us know them, and polar bears are going to disappear. I know most of us do not live with polar bears and I don’t particularly care for bananas but I think they will be missed.

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