Saturday, August 09, 2008

hill and dale and hill and dale and hill and dale

where do you want to go? why?

What do you want to do? why?

I am in the midst of writing my final paper for my internship on how to get 20 - mid 30 year olds to move to Pittsfield/The Berkshires and to stay here, create family here, grow their roots into the hills.

Are you ready to stay where you are? If you have committed to a place, why?

Have you been to Pittsfield ever? Have you been to Massachusetts ever? Hello, we are up here in the northeast corner of the United States.

Would I move to Pittsfield?

There is potential in Pittsfield, there is possibility. There is space, cheap space. There are businesses like Dottie's Coffee lounge, Chapters Bookstore, and Mission Bar and Tapas who are owned by young business owners. There are art spaces like Storefront Artists Project, The Copperworks, and Zeitgeist who are owned or manned by young artists.

What is to be done when so many communities are struggling to draw and retain the next generation of community leaders? How do you encourage and cultivate the young adults that you already have?

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