Friday, August 08, 2008

Patty Chang's video Shangri La (2005) is currently showing as part of Mass MoCA's Eastern Standard: Western Artists in China. The show runs until March 2, 2009. The piece pictured above is a sculpture based on the mountains near the town of Shangri-La and is shown being constructed in the film. The town near the Tibetan border that Chang travels to in the movie named itself in 1997 after the mythical place in James Hilton's novel Lost Horizon. I have been waiting to see this video for about two years (you can see stills on her website). The video builds slow and ends in an amazing sequence. Chang touches upon many layers of East/West perceptions ping ponging back and forth through thoughtful imagery.

I climbed the stairs to the gallery that Chang's work is placed and the "mountain" rose up out of the dark. It was a really lovely moment.

Chang has two videos showing, Shangri La (2005) and Flotsam, Jetsam (2007) a collaboration with David Kelley.

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