Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last Thursday was writing night at my old home. The topic for the evening was Maude (pictured right). It was really nice to hear the writings of the 5 housemates on Williams street. Ben, Vanessa, Carolyn, Ella, and Siri. Siri had told me about writing night the week before and invited me to come for this night about Maude. We did 5-minute exercises to different feeder lines.

-What Maude tells us when we are sleeping

-First person account of when Maude disappeared for a couple of days

-Maude in the bathtub

-Maude's conversation with her inner child

-She slinks, she bats, but she don't Yatzee

-Cold room, steaming vomit

I don't like to sleep alone.
Me Neither.

September 28th was Joshua Vrysen's birthday (pictured left in the photo above)
Happy Birthday Joshua.
Happy Birthday emmett.
Happy Birthday Laura.
Happy Birthday Isabella.

Also not today but any way welcome Kieran Xander.

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