Thursday, July 28, 2011

07.26.2011 (putter)

07.26.2011 Crown Fountain (way better pictures are to be found online than this one)


07.27.2011 Calvin Black (see below)

07.26.2011 "Ridin' Dirty" Mark Bradford


I am in real sponge mode right now.


My foot got run over by a young man on a skateboard today, luckily he wasn't too big or he would have broke my foot.

He didn't even look back at me.

Yesterday I went to Intuit - The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art.

The image above labeled "07.27.2011 Calvin Black" is from the show "You Better Be Listening: Text in Self-Taught Art". I was excited about this sign and wondered what it was for, luckily the Intuit provides a lot of information on their didactic plaques. I learned that Calvin and his wife Ruby ran a rock shop in the Mojave Desert. In 1954 they started building Possum Trot as a way to attract customers. They created animated displays that ran off of wind power. Calvin carved over 80 life size dolls that each had their own function and personality. Ruby sewed their clothing. He would put on shows with them in the "Bird Cage Theater".
Today I watched Possum Trot: The Life and Work of Calvin Black, 1903-1972. I couldn't have imagined what their home looked like, it was way more than I had thought. Calvin got the wood to carve the dolls from telephone poles that had been knocked down by car accidents. Many of the dolls are based on friends and all the dolls have name tags. The documentary was filmed after Calvin had passed away and Ruby is alone taking care of Possum Trot.

The Intuit also houses the remaining contents of Henry Darger's home space in Chicago. The exhibit is permanent and houses his furniture, personal items, one of his typewriters, bundled stacks of coloring books, magazines, other paper source material, and his cakes of paint. On the Intuit's website you can take a virtual tour of the room by scrolling down to the second image on the page.

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