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& In One Another reception 07.08.2011

& In One Another reception 07.08.2011

"their life uniform" & In One Another reception 07.08.2011

Transport Amphorae 06.18.2011

bounty 07.09.2011

all done 07.05.2011

caged rocks 07.02.2011

Charcoal Kiln 07.02.2011

waking up, 07.02.2011

All the Trappings: (S)wallow, 07.02.2011

All the Trappings: (S)wallow, 07.02.2011


So much.


Last Friday July 8th was the reception for "And In One Another: A Massive Collaborative Sketchbook Project". About 60 artists were each given a blank sketchbook and over the course of 60 days 30 prompts were sent out and used by the artists to respond to in the books (loosey goosey of course). I was exited to see where there were overlaps and differences in the interpretations of the prompts in the books and in relation to my own book.

It was really overwhelming but nice to sit down in a packed room and explore the books with blaring music and wet summer heat. The work took center stage, everybody had a book or was looking over someone's shoulder.

If the books go to a different venue I will let you know (before, not after they are packed away).


I went to see the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty show at The Metropolitan Museum of Art about a month ago. I am still processing it.

I went on a rainy Saturday so it was very crowded, we were in line for an hour and a half to get into the exhibition. Sound terrible? Actually it was kind of nice and interesting. The line winds through the museum so you get to see a selection from the museum's collection that is from various points in history and cultures, kind of a mash-up in the brain.

The Savage Beauty website will give you far better content than I can provide you here about McQueen and his work. If you can't go see the show I would suggest spending time with the website.

I have been thinking a lot about Dress, No. 13. It kind of encapsulates my love/love/hate of fashion.

The robots are jizzing all over the model and she isn't sure and she is not fighting back and she takes it and lays down for all to see at the end.
But the dress looks super awesome and the show was exciting (if not triggering for some). The spray paint treatment on the fabric looks pretty sweet in person.

McQueen was able to combine amazingly constructed pieces of fashion with amazingly constructed runways shows. Everything he says he was interested in and trying to convey in the work is there and it is still there years later.

On maybe a more boring note I really like how the Met designed the exhibition.

I would like to be a Jellyfish.


I need to learn more about caged rocks and their function.

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