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self sabotage
I have been a bit clumsy this week.
I wonder if that is how I am going to roll this year.


On Sunday I went on a trip to the Museum of Natural History in Providence, RI. The main impetus of the trip was to see the exhibition Curiouser that Victore Signore (a friend and local artist) has work in. The piece he has in the show is a reiteration of the amazing untitled (Dream Wall) that he had done in the 2009 show Call and Response.

We met M.
He was wonderful with very square teeth.
He has a lot of information and a lot of care.
He has a license to pick up and freeze dry roadkill.
He took our picture with a bear.


The sewing machine pictured above's owner passed away last year. I never met her. I am told she sewed all her own clothing and curtains. Her son was in charge of going through her belongings. I have received this beautiful machine. I am trying to figure out how to run it as a treadle without electricity.


"Even more worrying is the potential for censorship. Sometimes art is controversial. We therefore value individual freedom of expression, and the extent to which the Internet's structure gives individuals this power. We don't believe in undermining this freedom just to give more power to copyright holders, even if we may benefit from copyright ourselves. "......Artist concerned about PIPA

Maybe you know about SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) already because it has been all over the news. There are so many other places on the internet right now to read about the language involved in the bills (reddit is comprehensive).

I just want to make a little comment:
I have been thinking about how exciting all of the clashing and questioning of the bills' language has been. The new space that the Internet has created in our culture is redefining freedom and expression and consumption. It has been good for me to think about how I use the internet, what I want from it, and what kind of responsibilities I have to it and to others while using it. I find it also interesting how there seems to be a clashing of old power structures with newer ones and what does that mean going forward. Who has what skills and information and how the internet changes the playing field. The bills have been put on hold for modification it will be interesting to see how the language changes when they come back around.
Who is going to have say in the changes?
Will lawmakers go to internet training seminars in the meantime?


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Chris Nelson whose work I admire greatly has a new website. If you would like to please click the link. I highly recommend watching the video for the piece Trio.

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