Thursday, February 02, 2012

01.30.2012 Articulate (read below)

01.29.2012 wheat paste

01.27.2012 (please, we are just trying to stay out of your way)

01.31.2012 carving

01.28.2012 Boston


01.19.2012 sizing up

01.22.2012 slippers for friends

01.31.2012 electricians are orderly

I am a part of a book curated by Alex Moore and Emily Smith called Articulate. I received my copy Monday and have been enjoying going through it.

From Alex Moore’s introduction to the book:

“With its rigid steel back, and conveniently included washcloth, this art book would fit nicely between the canned food and the matches in a home emergency kit. Preparedness is important when living in the contemporary landscape: as expressed by one artist, this is “a very safe city, except for the part that’s on fire.” The unacknowledged fire may be the repressed sexuality of men kept in the closet by society’s continuing homophobia, the ecological damage we continue to repackage for consumption, or the intrusive reality of protesters being killed in a far away land. Or it could be the literal truth that, fairly often, Los Angeles is on fire. Whatever the danger is, many of the works in this collection articulate a struggle to make a home in its presence."

Articulate is the second collaborative book project curated by Alex and Emily.


“there was nothing on the walls but a clock, as if no one knew how to decorate for death.”

-Mary Roach, Pg 243 Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers


On Monday when I got home from work I found our shoes put back in their usual spot but arranged so neatly I felt strange but also delighted. The electricians in the morning had said they would try to put things back the way they were. But they are so much more careful than we are.

They are removing the knob and tube wiring from the house.


oh shit.

Mike Kelley thank you for sharing your brain.


that is that.

Art21 Segment: Mike Kelley in "Memory"

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