Wednesday, February 22, 2012

02.18.2012 view from the bike trail (Carolyn Clayton has a show at ECA in March!)

02.18.2012 I have been thinking about Robert Gober a lot lately.

02.21.2012 Solar panels on top of mausoleums in Spain. (original photo taken by Albert Gea)

02.17.2012 blockage be gone (baking soda and vinegar)

02.19.2012 (see below)




02.21.2012 (mask making)

On Sunday I got to print the blocks pictured above at Big Wheel Press in Northampton, MA. Ali Osborn did the printing, but I would try and help him by holding the finished prints and I made a lousy attempt at mixing my ink colors. The print will be a part of a print portfolio that I will share more about at a later date. The other artists involved are....

Sally Curcio, Taiga Ermansons, Sean Greene, Raphy Griswold, Amy Johnquest, Louise Kohrman, Jane Lund, Holly Lynton, Nancy Milliken, Teddy O’Connor, Ali Osborn, Stephen Petegorsky, Scott Prior, Stephen St. Francis Decky, Mara Superior, Nanny Vonnegut, Carolyn Webb, Angela Zammarelli


I am leaving next week for North Carolina for the first two weeks of March to do some work at Elsewhere Artist Collaborative in Greensboro. I am collaborating with Mary Rothlisberger and J.W. Gamble we have been commissioned to make the artist-in-residence residences more hospitable. I am excited to go back to Elsewhere it has been almost four years.

Maybe when I am there or when I come home I will tell you why I love Elsewhere and think that is an important institution in the current American climate.

The installations I did while there in residence:
2006: There is a Story I Forgot to Tell You: This is How We Lived Before You
2005:"So Sylvia...."


There has been no snow here and it has been so warm (in the 50's today). Is it going to be a very dry spring (drought)? How thick are the ticks and mosquitoes going to be this year? Things are sprouting and syrup is flowing. It makes me a bit uncomfortable (maybe I shouldn't be?). I have been told the air currents are flowing further north this year keeping the cold air over Canada, but for some reason it isn't making me feel any better.

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Kendra said...

It's snowing, hard, right now!!!! So salving to my snow-starved psyche. And you are traveling to the land of spring...maybe there'll be some snow left when you come back.