Thursday, May 31, 2012





05.26.2012 waterbury

05.26.2012 sky way

 05.26.2012 The High Line




05.29.2012  a play and a booklet (drawn by Kurt Vance)

Debris Upon The Forest Floor

Written by Madeline ffitch
Music by Jordan O' Jordan
Designed by Elspeth Vance

"On our lush and intricately constructed world of oak, seaweed, wool, perfume, and plaster of paris, we follow the story of a hockey goaltender who, in 1959, finally got tired of the brutality of his position. He invented the first hockey mask and wore it onto the ice. It would be fourteen years before wearing a hockey mask was anything more than a personal choice. Meanwhile, a mountain lion circles the perimeter, and the sinister third party turns nature into a eulogy. In response, neighbors become friends and seek to regain lost human skill. We ask you to become our allies, to remember a time when we could run as fast as horses, when our powers of memorization were uncanny, and when we could take photographs with our eyes." - taken from

So much. So much.    

05.27.2012 spinning 'till we puke


Riding my bike to work Tuesday morning I saw a turtle laying her eggs by the side of the trail.


Bad at Sports (podcast making my work day)


The Pot of Marjoram was the fairy tale I was trying to remember.  The replacement heart was not juicy it was made of whip cream...... "The bladder burst and the whipped cream sprayed everywhere, including the bridegroom’s mouth."  He tasted her blood and it was sweet and that is where his regret came from.

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