Wednesday, June 27, 2012

 horizontal times


 06.02.2012 wishing well


  06.07.2012 welcome baby Mia! new niece



 06.04.2012 sketch


 06.23.2012 (here we are)


  05.28.2012 Adam Collignon

 06.10.2012 plastic breakfast



06.23.2012 new home


Hey June where did you go?

My job moved and my home moved then my job moved back (for now).

We can be in the yard of our new home and not just stare at it like we had to do at our old home.  

I am stewing in some rancid paste at the moment but that is okay because it kind of smells like sauteed mushrooms.

And my feet smell a little like pee........sorry.

You can bust it right here, please.


Outbuilding Discourses (in various spirits)

Lillianna Pereira : The Hero With A Thousand Faces

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