Friday, July 20, 2012

Joshua Vrysen and I are currently working on an installation together that will be
up in the Victory Theater in Holyoke, MA this coming September.  Last Sunday
we went inside the space for the second time.  The following images are details
from inside the building that we are mulling over.  Below these images are links
to news about the theater, videos, and blogs with better overall images of the space.

Currently funds are being raised to renovate the theater and plans are for it to reopen
 in 2014.  Volunteers have been working periodically to prepare the building
for renovations.  


2nd floor balcony seating. This is where our installation will be.

-phone cubby used by the house manager

Web Research:

-After the Final Curtain - Photography, interviews, and writing by  Matt Lambros documenting abandoned theaters.  He has an interview with Kathy McKean, Managing Director of MIFA Victory Theater. (side note: on his website under "Abandoned" he has amazing photos of outlets and abandoned state hospitals including Danvers and Hudson River State Hospital.)

-May 17,  2012 article from masslive

-February 25, 2010 article from The Valley Advocate

-Videos including a 2 part planned renovations tour video featuring MIFA's artistic director Donald T. Sanders and a video featuring Holyoke High School students and the murals they painted for outside of the theater.

-Artist Chris Nelson's installation Trio was located in the second floor lobby of the Victory Theater last year.  He has curated the show and is working on a new piece for September.

- Rob's pictures from 2010 (the silk fabric on the walls had been made in Holyoke)

- Cinema Treasures

-Urban Ghosts

-The Kingston Lounge

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