Friday, July 13, 2012

07.04.2012 curtain


06.30.2012 rug in progress

07.06.2012 oven

07.07.2012 Diana

07.07.2012 second attempt at staghorn sumac-ade (it is refreshing)

07.05.2012 staghorn sumac

07.09.2012 you'll see later........maybe



07.05.2012 (I was trying to be funny....)



I recently read that I was born on "The Day of Restless Drive" and that my humor is questionable to most people...... sounds about right.


Color of the Night

Works by Ashley Brown Durand and Justin Brown Durand are up until July 29, 2012 at Flying Object in Hadley, MA.

I like that in Ashley's statement she says "The sentiment is genuine."  When I look at her banners I know this to be true.

I like that in Justin's statement it says "He imagines a world populated by grotesque humanoids that act out his darkest and most romantic visions."



Andy Sturdevant

Christine Sun Kim

Ina Grau 

Pallettenpavillon - Matthias Loebermann

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