Friday, December 07, 2007


In the later part of the spring of 2007 I was biking on a trail going west in Minneapolis, the one that goes out to St. Louis park and beyond. I was going around a corner when I felt something hop on the back of my bike, it wasn't a very big thing but it startled me a little. I turned my head and so-mee was there. She wrapped her arms around me and we continued going west. I thought maybe she would jump off when I turned around to go back to my apartment, but she didn't. She came home with me and would sit quietly in my room on top of a pile of clothes. We spent a lot of time together looking at books and humming.

my neighbor died and I spent a whole month at my friend Ursula's home because my neighbor died a vicious death and I lived only with so-mee in a basement and didn't feel very safe. There was also a peeper a foot and I felt exposed.

I went to Montanan at the end of that month, as maybe you read.

Then I moved back to Massachusetts.

I haven't seen her since I moved away. I abandoned her, right?

Anyway this is the painting I did of her in June and finished in October.

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