Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sometimes it is so nice to read what another person has to say about one's work. I tend to get tangled and strangled by the words I would use to talk about what I am doing. Tonight I read what the folks at THE ART OF THIS GALLERY in Minneapolis wrote about my work and it made me very pleased. I have been feeling really poopy about my work lately but after reading the little blurb they wrote I feel clear about what it is I am currently doing and how some folks perceive it (which helps me think something other than poopy about the work).

Here are the words:

A whimsical installation of play and
discovery and the collective meanings found therein.

Feb 9-Mar 9, Opening 2/9 7pm

Art of This Gallery is pleased to present the work of Angela Zammarelli, a
recent MFA graduate from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She
will exhibit work from her current series “Shut Up Spacemaker, You Talk
Too Much,” a whimsical installation that explores the interplay between
play, discovery and escape and the collective meanings found therein.

This eclectic work often combines not only an array of domestic handmade
objects, such as blankets, dolls and furniture, using colorful textiles,
woods and plastics, but elements of performance and video as well.

Angela’s work, both in craft and content, is tremendously transformative
with its ability to alter the viewer’s perception of the materials found
in the work as well as ask one to question the reality of the unique,
magical environments that she constructs.

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