Monday, March 08, 2010

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Starting to move in 03/08/2010

Yesterday Heather took Jia-Jen, Jessie, and myself to the Kruger Collection at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. The collection is of miniature furniture that belonged to the late Eloise Kruger. We received a tour from Dianna L Hemsath the curator of the collection. Dianna took us into the room that part of the collection is stored (the other storage site is off campus). The room was filled with cabinets containing furniture and tiny home goods. The cabinets were the ones used by Kruger in her home to store and display.

Eloise Kruger was an accountant who started collecting miniature furniture as a hobby in the late 1930's. It soon became a serious endeavor. As an aside, Kruger had a rough childhood and from a purely speculative place in the car ride home we talked about how interesting it was that she collected miniature domestic objects and would set up her dolls in scenarios and would write little stories about them.

Dianna was saying Eloise Kruger's collection was meticulously documented in regards to provenance probably because she was an accountant. The paper work in regards to the collection filled five large filling boxes. Dianna was saying that when Kruger's collection was donated to the school that also included was her collection of over 800 books covering topics of architecture, historical costume, furniture, construction, and textiles.

Here is a link to an audio slide show about Bill Robertson the person who was commissioned to make many of the pieces in Kruger's collection.

ps. Burns Maxey of Project Elements Easthampton wrote a very nice piece about my work this week that can be found here.


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