Monday, March 15, 2010

It has been many days since the sun has come out here in Omaha. I think I am losing my mind a tad bit.

I didn't mean to look so serious, I was concerned about the camera timer.

A birthday party happened last night, I didn't go. However, I did hear that a pig was roasted. As it was being carried into the house where the party was happening it was dropped on the front steps and exploded. Pig flesh went everywhere and the people dressed as animals were grabbing at the meat and eating it with their hands. The theme of the party was petting zoo. The birthday boy was a pig he has turned 21 today. There were cages and fire eaters. A bare chested man covered in pig grease caught on fire (he is okay, by the by). There was hay in the house, the house did not catch on fire.

I instead stayed in the studio: inside my fort. I spent the night cutting up pictures watching Russel Brand, Eddie Izzard, and French and Saunders on youtube.

Maybe I like my experiences mediated?
Where is the danger? Where is the fun?
I was using and e-xacto knife, on edge?


Heather Johnson said...

love this picture of you loosing it.

Hello to You and Yours said...

I couldn't believe how sad I was without the sun for that stretch of time.