Friday, February 05, 2010

Blanket I am sleeping with.

My studio/living space on 2.2.10

My studio/living space on 2.4.10

Book on Lucas Samaras. I never really read anything about him until now. Feel like this was a mistake on my part and should have read about him a while ago.

Tonight was the Bemis Center's ArtTalk Lecture. Callyann Casteel and Ben Kinsley presented their work.

Callyann creates these incredible costumes/sculptures that are amalgamations of pattern and shape. They are distortions of the figure and many are bound or have layered objects placed upon them. These beings are very large, around 8ft tall. She doesn't have a website at this time so the selection of images at the link I provided is limited in scope compared to the images she showed tonight.

She began and ended her talk with images of the landscape near Eugene Oregon. She and her fiance just moved to Omaha from the Eugene area. She talked about while she was in Oregon she didn't produce a lot of work but instead spent a lot of time hiking and being out in the landscape. She showed pictures that she had taken of the Oregon landscape.

Ben's work is very exciting to me because I am too shy to ever orchestrate anything like it. I find his work funny but also thoughtful. Tonight he talked about three projects: Skagaströnd Yee-Haw!, A Sea-some Medley, and Street with a View

Street with a View was a collaboration with Robin Hewlett. The project injects situations into Google Street View images of Sampsonia Way in Pittsburgh, PA. I recommend going to the website and looking at the google street view.


Cloaca said...

man angela! sweet pad! very excited to be reading this, as you're over there & we're over here. how interesting. please keep prancing around in front of your window with different weird things and people, so we can continue to get a taste of your endeavors. . wooo!

Hello to You and Yours said...

Thanks Neil! I feel connected.

Kathleen said...

Hi Angela,

YES -- Samaras' objects -- like Cornell, only creepier? Enjoy the rest of your residency. You have a beautiful working/living space.

PS: Are you familiar with the work of Elise Engler?

Her obsessive drawings are rather compelling, and you may share some object-inventorying affinities?

As ever,
Kathleen M. Heideman

Hello to You and Yours said...

Hi Kathleen,

I hadn't seen Elise's work before. Thank you for the link, I am very excited about her list drawings (yes object-inventorying affinity).

Thanks so much for coming by!