Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My studio/living space on 2/16/2010

Brite Ideas

Durham Museum.

Covered Wagon

1949 Ak-Sar-Ben Coronation


Grate under former ticket booth.



Today I finished with the collage portion of 9 drawings. I have posted images of them here. They are portraits of characters I have been thinking about and some of them are mutations of beings that I have been working with.

I may very well ruin them in the next layer of working.

Desire and gifts.

I am starting to work on a structure and costume (top image 2/10/2010). Hoarder fortification.

Friday afternoon I visited the Durham Museum. The museum is housed in the former Union Station. I received a brief history lesson on Omaha. I didn't know about the Omaha Stockyards and was surprised by the picture of the Stock Exchange building set in the middle of hundreds of livestock pens. The building is now condos. When I walked into the room that housed information on the Stockyards a sensor switched on a recording of a cow mooing, I was startled.

There is a diorama of the 1898 Trans-Mississippi and International. On the wall there is a sample of how the buildings were constructed to look like white marble. The structures where made of wood slats with three layers of plaster and fiber spread over them.

One of my favorite things in the museum was a 3-D black light mural of the Italian section of the city. It was housed in between a trolley car and the wall. When I entered the trolley car and had a seat it looked like I was riding through a neighborhood. The mural was made by Bill Shook.

At the end of the month a new exhibition opens called "Are We There Yet?". There will be dioramas and 30 pedal cars: I will go.

ps.Wuthering Heights


aliya barbeque said...

i really love your collage process drawing/watercolors.
really beautiful characters emerge from the shapes. what a great idea/way to make shapes that are outside of the normal shapes we always end up drawing over and over again.

Hello to You and Yours said...

Hi Aliya
thanks. I have been enjoying your installation a day at the Bonar Family Residency, very nice!