Thursday, August 09, 2007

A couple of things going on here. There is some scat, a tree eating stones, a stage, me sewing, and another studio picture of me standing still with somethings that I personally find aesthetically pleasing (axe and lights included). You figure out what caption goes with what image because I forgot what order I uploaded them when I wrote that . Maybe I'll win and they will be in that order but I have my doubts on that. Let's leave it to chance and laziness.

Anyway. Tonight I went to Boulder, MT to see Montana Shakespeare in the Parks' rendition of The Merry Wives of Windsor (the picture of the stage is the set). It was great! I had my doubts, but I really enjoyed myself. Casey who is a writer and artist in residence as well here offered to drive, so off we went. Also many of the people I have met in Basin were at the play too, which was really nice. It is nice to be in a new place, but feel like you have a community.

On the way to Boulder I found out where the Merry Widow radon mine is, so I think a bike ride is in order tommorrow to see it. In the hill about the mine Merry Widow is spelt out in letters similar to a tiny Hollywood sign, but for some reason they reminded me of Christmas. Well that will be a task to bring you back a picture.

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