Sunday, August 19, 2007

My mom sent me this post card when I was living in Minneapolis. She would send me one postcard a week. She had themes. For a couple of months they were "funny" cat postcards from this book called "Bad Cats", this postcard is not from that book. I found them more upsetting than funny, but that's just me. Then she would send me postcards of northern New Hampshire, this postcard is from that group. I have never been to this particular mailbox, but I really want to. The top cat looks like out cat Wendel the second cat down looks like Princess and the bottom one looks like Trixie. That is a side note, I guess. This set of postcards made me long so hard to be back there even though when I lived there I felt like time had stopped for me, I loved the land but wasn't sure what I was doing. It is kind of like Minneapolis in reverse, I kind of knew what I was doing, I stress kind of, but I felt really disconnected from the space/land I was in. I'm not sure if I am a city dweller or what. I love cities, all the activity and chaos and accessibility to things, but maybe I am not cut out to live in them? Time will tell.

Why share this? Well I thought I'd start talking about the body of work I am doing right now for a show at Umass in September. The body of work is called "When I Go Like This, You Will Know it is Time". The Inhabitant that this installation revolves around is either in the process of escaping the space or has just escaped, it is ambiguous. This work is from the series "There is a Story I Forgot to Tell You" which is an ongoing series that the majority of my work is involved with. There is a 22 ft long hand knitted rope hanging down from the ceiling, Spacemaker knitted it. She dangled it in the realm of this being to give them another option, to broaden their horizon if you will. Spacemaker is the "I" and the Inhabitant is the "you".

The being’s habitat is a small tent like structure coming out of the wall, with the inside filled with images, notes, and drawings of places the Inhabitant has feelings for. There is a longing to go to these places, but hesitation in acting on them. So the Inhabitant just keeps accumulating them.

The work is not autobiographical, it is based in an accumulation of things around me, which sometimes includes me.

Today’s my mom's birthday, Happy Birthday Mom!

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