Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I finished the last costume for the Soo Vac today and here it is. The circles are based off of Turkish evil eyes or Nazar Boncuk. The character hands out the circles for one to sew into their cloths for protection. I think that the character is a well type landscape that the good luck patches bubble up from to be dispersed.

Yesterday I went up to Debbie's house to see her quilts. She has a quilt that she made base off of underground railroad quilt patterns. I think I had heard about them before but never had anyone explain them in depth to me. It is pretty amazing. I need to read more about it. She also had made a cathedral window quilt which is really intricate and beautiful. Her house is amazing and her husband, daughter and her boyfriend are building a workshop across the street out of lumber her husband harvested himself.

I will do a little researcha and try to get some Underground Railroad quilt links on here and other quilting pattern links too.

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