Saturday, August 11, 2007

Today Debbie took Nancy (a painter and resident here too) and myself to Boulder, Montana to grocery shop. We went to the library and I was allowed a temporary card. It is a really nice shade of green with the state of Montana on it and and the words "Jefferson County Library System" in red and the county distinquished in white. I took out four books and a french cassette course which I can't listen to because the boom box I am using is only a cd player, oh well. I will be discussing the books as I read them.

Tonight I read "Soiled Doves" by Anne Seagraves. It is about prostitution and the making of the west. It was written in 1994. I found some of the language to be problematic, but the information to be interesting and really helpful in finding the names of women who helped shaped the economics of the west.

Something I didn't know is the the term "red light" district started in Kansas. When the railroad workers would visit a brothel they would hang their red lanterns outside of the house. This was in case of an emergency and they needed to be found.

Also I didn't know that in San Francisco in the late 1800's how many young girls/women were brought to the U.S. from China for prostistution and that they were not paid for their work and many died in their early 20s.

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